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Use of Operation Instructions

Use of Operation Instructions

Ratchet Tie Down Buckle Tightening Instructions

1. From bottom, thread webbing through slot in center spool of closed ratchet (figures 1 and 2) 2. Pull webbing through, removing the slack (figure 3) 3. Start ratcheting—raising and lowering handle (figure 4)

Ratchet Tie Down Buckle Release Instructions

1. To release, pull & hold release tab on top assembly to override ratcheting function (figure 6) 2. Open ratchet until it is completely open and flat (figure 7) 3. Grab webbing from non-fixed side and pull to release webbing (figure 8) 4. Pull and hold release tab on top assembly to close ratchet (figure 9) Proper threading/tightening of ratchet straps is critical. Ensure all straps are properly threaded/tightened and free of damage or wear prior to each use.


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