2pcs Camping Luggage Bungee Cord High

Bungee Cord

1、Designed to be easy to use, elegant and to complement your motorcycle.


2、The hook is made of steel and has a small plastic on the end to prevent scratches on your car -It can be used as cargo straps, motorcycle straps, luggage straps, elastic straps, etc.


3、Easy to use and secure your extra heavy loads. Great tool for truckers.

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Product Parameters
Dimensions: 2 Pc,24” Color: random color
Small and easy to store. Material: rubber



Product Usage Scenario


 It is also ideal for outdoor use to anchor tents, tarps, canopies etc.



Tie Roof Luggage

Strapping Minivan Cargo Motorcycle Cargo Securing Freight Handling
Tie Roof Luggage Strapping Minivan Cargo Motorcycle Cargo Securing Freight Handling



Product Advantages


Product Details


Made of material, strong and lightweight. The buckle is easy to use, fast and firm. This strap is made of high-quality rubber material, which is stretchable and not easily damaged.




This product is designed for cargo bundling and tightening, providing a quick way to transport bulky loads. Small and easy to store, the design is easy to use and elegant to complement your motorcycle.

2pcs Camping Luggage Bungee Cord High

2pcs Camping Luggage Bungee Cord High



Production Ability



We have a professional R&D team of 15 people, invest up to 30% of the R&D investment every year, and can develop 9 new products every year. Innovation and R&D make our products at the forefront of the times. We are your preferred partner.




The company strictly implements international standards such as European GS and British BS, and is the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 management system certification.



The company has a dedicated service docking staff, whether you are inquiring about products, inquiring about prices or others, you are welcome to send emails at any time, and we will reply to you within 8 hours.







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Now, we focus on providing high-cost performance products. With high professional team in good specialization, and various of professional testing equipment, we will bring you the most effective and quality made products to fit your lifestyle.

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